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Jack The Ripper Tour

Follow in the steps of London's most notorious killer

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Jack the Ripper Walking Tour of London

Join us on a journey through the dirty, dark, and murderous streets of London’s Dickensian past. Enter the mysterious world of violence, prostitution, and gin — ruled over by the menace known as Jack the Ripper.

Meet The Street Tours invites you to join us on our Jack the Ripper walking tour. See the sites where Jack performed his grisly murders and walk the same streets as his unfortunate victims. Hear about the salacious side of Victorian life and learn the facts about slums and inner-city poverty in the 1880s.

This London history tour gives you a chance to finally separate fact from fiction, myth from reality, and get to know exactly what Jack did to those tragic girls. Get the chance to play detective too when you’re given a sinister profile of some of the most likely suspects.

So why not get out your magnifying glass and Meet the Streets to try and find out whodunnit!